Month: kesäkuu 2013

Juhannustunnelmia / Midsummer in Finland

Meillä kävi tuttuun tapaan ystäviä juhannusvieraina – ja ystävillä on monilla, yllätys yllätys, aussi tai pari.

We had Midsummer guests – many of our friends have, somehow surprisingly, an aussie or two 😉

Muutamia kuvia / Some new pics:

CH Somehow African Queen ”Sintti”, at the age of 3 years
own. Tuuli Marjomaa

JCH Viva La Vida Bella Vita ”Wisla”, at the age of 5 years
own. Tuuli Marjomaa (co-owned previously by kennel Somehow & kennel Pikku-Pahan)

Somehow Road Game ”Minka”, at the age of 20 months
own. Paula Anteroinen

… ja pitihän sitä uimassakin käydä:
”Swimming champion” is C.I.B Somehow Take-Away ”Latte”, and ”the challenger” is her daughter CH Somehow African Queen ”Sintti” 🙂

Ding Dong & De Luxe

Metkun (CH Truozzy’s Tazz’n Go) ja Dunden (JCH Dendu Boston Gold) kaksoset Somehow Ding Dong (punainen narttu) ja Somehow De Luxe (blue & tan narttu) syntyivät 18.6.2013.

Metku’s (CH Truozzy’s Tazz’n Go) and Dunde’s (JCH Dendu Boston Gold) twins were born on 18.6.2013. They are Somehow Ding Dong (red bitch) and Somehow De Luxe (blue & tan bitch).

Eilen vietettiin siis yksiviikkoissynttäreitä 🙂

Welcome ”Wiuhti” & ”Elli” to Finland!

We have two new imports: they are wonderful girls ”Wiuhti” and ”Elli”.

”Wiuhti” aka Armirelli Funny Business came to Finland from Estonia. She is owned by me and Anne Moilanen (kennel Truozzy’s), and she lives with my good friend Jemina Aaltonen and her family.
Wiuhti’s parents are Americans: her father is Marble Arch Feel Like Dancing and mother is Temora’s Adventure in Reval. Wiuhti is bred by Anne-Lii Sild, kennel Armirelli.

A week after Wiuhti, we got another beautiful girl, this time from Sweden: she is ”Elli” aka Dendu Forget Me Not. Elli is owned by me and Tiina Aalto (kennel Pikku-Pahan).
Elli’s mother is beautiful Ålhammarens Ruffa Koppartroll and father is handsome Mongrels Camden. Elli is bred by Gunilla Öhlund & Bibbi Sundell, kennel Dendu.

I want to thank you Anne-Lii in Estonia, Gunilla & Bibbi in Sweden and Anne, Tiina and Jemina in Finland for co-operation again!

Armirelli Funny Business ”Wiuhti”

Dendu Forget Me Not ”Elli”